When you're in the market for a sedan, it can be challenging to find a luxury model that checks all the boxes for Ontario life. Find the perfect balance between sports-oriented performance, innovative but user-friendly technology, and head-turning looks to make your daily commute more enjoyable. Perhaps the best attribute of any sedan is its flexible stance that makes maneuvering through congested roadways around San Bernardino County a breeze. Learn more about our inventory of Lexus sedans today.

Deciding on the Perfect Luxury Sedan from the Lineup

We stand behind every Lexus sedan in our lineup, but naturally, some models are better suited to specific types of Ontario drivers. If you're looking for the classic sedan that does it all, enjoy the Lexus LS. It's long, sleek, and iconic body shape make it the perfect daily driver. You can also opt for a hybrid powertrain in the Lexus LS, which is a draw for many Californians who do a lot of driving. Speaking of hybrids if you're looking for a sedan that's slightly smaller and offers the exterior styling of a coupe but still with four doors, try out the Lexus ES. This model can power your day with a hybrid or traditional gasoline engine.

The Lexus GS is known for its sports-oriented stance, only made sportier for those that choose the Lexus GS F model. If you want sports performance wrapped up in the most compact body style of the bunch, try out the ultra-luxurious Lexus IS, with all the latest features and plenty of power underneath the hood.

The Crown Lexus Experts are Here to Help

Need a second opinion? Schedule an appointment with your local Southern California Lexus dealer to learn more about the section of new Lexus models in our inventory. We would be more than happy to help you decide on the perfect Lexus ES model or Lexus IS model for your busy lifestyle.

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